About Matseleng

Matseleng is a productivity coach, an educator, a property expert as well as an executive and Life coach. She’s a qualified Maths and Science teacher, and along the way in her working career, she had a yearning deep within, and knew she had to find something else, because she could picture her life then being what it’s meant to be for the rest of her life.

I Get It Now is the home where Matseleng has a knowing, that she can touch more lives, she can plant the seed for others to view things differently in order to heal from painful pasts, and most importantly, for herself and others to experience and know the true meaning of Loving Yourself by understanding Yourself and not subordinating to external pressure and norms which usually strip people off their true nature, their true uncomplicated selves.


Matseleng wanted to call herself an author, but realized she hasn’t published any book, yet, but insisted she has written quite a lot, and therefore she’ll call herself an ‘auth..’ and once published she will update this status… she said with a chuckle.