Social Facilitation


Involves the following:

Stakeholder Management and mapping- wherein we look at identifying who the stakeholders are, so that we can manage their expectations based on their needs. This also includes the level of engagement with each stakeholder based on the level of interest and involvement on the project. Specific criteria may be utilized to map stakeholder interests in the project. This is critical to determine the extent of reporting and engagement of these stakeholders.

Community Assessment – wherein our team will build relationships with the communities where the project is based to better understand the needs and capabilities of the community members. The Demographic Data and Socio-Economic impact on the community are as far as possible accurately investigated to ensure that the initial data forms the correct basis for ongoing engagement and reporting to stakeholders.

Community Engagement – this draws attention to the importance of following protocols as set out by the client and understood within the community. This reduces the high risk of a negative impact in the project as it strives to bring forth the transparency required to encourage engagement and build trust.

Identification of Pressure groups to understand the level of uncertainty for the project and to have information that will help gauge the risky factors that might impact the project.

Constant reporting to stakeholders as agreed and depending on the nature of the project and the depth of community involvement.


All these and more are ongoing and applied when required throughout the life of the project. Managing expectations consistently ensures that stakeholders are well informed of the scope and deliverables of the projects and that there’s no mismatch between what the project’s deliverables are versus what stakeholders expect in the end.



We offer you tools that help to develop and manage communication.

We specialize in resolving community conflicts that may arise.

Community Engagement.

Management of stakeholders.



Effective communication

Foresee conflicts and how to solve them

Improved and better engagement with community