Talks & Presentations Workshops


Organisations may require a Talk during their own event, or a specific presentation on a specific topic. Our team offers a specific fee for such events as these are for a 2 hr Talk or Presentation. We offer speaking on Topics Such as:

  • The Best You is Always with You – You Can Master Yourself
  • Overcoming Fears and Loving your Life
  • Why we chase Happiness and Hate Depression
  • Mind Body Connection
  • Does Your Team Really Need You?
  • Valuing your Time
  • Where’s Your Inspiration? Are you the Goalkeeper or Gatekeeper of your Life?
  • How come you Still Can’t Make money and keep it
  • You Stole My Business Blueprint
  • A Planless Life is a Lifeless Life
  • Of Course, You Deserve it All
  • Good Stress Bad Stress
  • Who Bullies the Bully
  • Someone stole my Peace
  • I’m not a Scientist, But I love your Brain
  • Did I say that? Speaking for Impact
  • Where’s my Lover For Life
  • Are Children Rebellious?
  • What happened to my teenage kids?
  • Young Adult Blues
  • Why The Creator Gave you your Friends
  • Is Manifestation a Mumbo Jumbo Joke
  • Why the Heck are You still Angry for?
  • Why Men and Women Expect the Unfathomable and Get the Unavoidable in Relationships
  • Big Leader or Deep Leader
  • Death… if we are Afraid of it, Why do we do it to Others?
  • What is Success and How do we Achieve it
  • Let’s Dance to your Music- Share your Magnificence
  • Power of Silence
  • Different Faces of Addiction
  • Your Relationship is Your LifeShip




Workshops are run with small or large groups in organisations, or as Public Workshops as per the Calendar Schedule. The number of delegates per workshop determines our number of Facilitators for the sessions.

Our Facilitators are spread across the globe and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and this broadens everyone’s horizons and experience.

The duration of workshops can be from a 4-hour workshop, 1 day, 2 days or more, depending on the Topic required.



  • Blueprint Your Day
  • Turning Team Dynamics into Wealth Dynamics • Where are You! Finding your Missing Puzzle Piece
  • Ease or Dis-ease? Mind Body Connection in Action
  • Change Education (Adapting to New Change)
  • Relationship Rewired
  • Getting My Reset
  • Leadership Engineered for Senior Management
  • Business Leadership
  • Bending it Young is Bonding it Permanently: Our Young are Critical