Change Education


Organizations go through change all the time, and this could be changes in

  • Technology and Innovation introduced to the company
  • Management changes
  • System changes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New Projects



When an organization is going through any kind of change, it is important to engage staff and manage their expectations and what they think of the changes implemented.

We will assist with ensuring that the teams feel that they are part of the new change and they understand what it will mean to them, thus understand the importance of getting everyone involved and committed to the change.


When an organisation undergoes change, it forces everyone in the organisation to also change. Most people become despondent and blame the company and become resistant to adopting the new ways of doing things.

I get it now helps you to change yourself first, because “when you change how you look at things, the things you look at change” Dr Wayne Dyer.


When you change, and the organisation changes, you adapt easier, because you will feel empowered to create your own conditions for you to thrive amidst that change.


Many people in organisations get stuck in how they used to do things.


Tips for a changing environment:

  1. Breathe, and make a decision that you have the capacity to think and to look within to see what this change means. Change often comes with anxiety for the future.
  2. Watch your thoughts, they largely determine your day. Therefore, choose to think about what will make you blissful, because you know that thinking about possible pain in the change could make you suffer, rather look at how this change, whether uncomfortable or not, would help you in your own personal life, and possibly translate into a better work life.
  3. Strong emotions whether extreme excitement or depression, rob us of being realistic. The change imposed on you could be the change your life needs right now
  4. When we are frantic, we distort the reality, when we are calm, we integrate the past into the current reality and we thrive.
  5. Remember, no organisation will go out of its way to betray you and the whole staff, for something to grow and evolve, change must occur.
  6. There are always pros and cons to change, but usually the pros propeller the leaders in the organisation to implement the change, if you don’t see how, it benefits you, take time when you get a chance, sit alone and think, to find how the change will positively impact your life, believe me, you will find it.
  7. Switch from victim of change to master of change. Some habitual things could be a waste of your precious time, this time for change.




What we would do with your team, or individuals:

  • Team engagement
  • Acknowledgements
  • Training
  • Implementation of the new way



Team engagement




Alignment and preparing your team to change

Realise how the change serves work and personal values

There is nothing to fear, it’s only opportunity of growth.



An organisation that feels that they are part of the new change and they understand what it will mean to them.

Individuals that easily adapt & embrace change.

An organisation that’s not a victim of change but a master of change.