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Couples Transformation

Many couples get stuck on the picture they’ve created from early life, about their perfect life partner. Unfortunately, everyone gets the partner they deserve at that time of their lives, and this is where we come in, to help you see why this ‘bad’ partner has actually been a blessing in your life. Remember this, you are together with your partner not because you are so much alike, but because you are so different. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you will stop wanting your partner to be like you.

At I Get It Now, we love working with chaos because it is that chaos that we create order, but we also prepare you for the next chaos, so that you understand and appreciate the reasons why you are with your partner.

We also show you how to never look back on how it used to be when you first met, you will enjoy learning why it was important then, and why it’s IRRELEVANT now! If you are in a relationship, for a bit long, and you have not wanted to leave your partner, you may have mastered the tools I’m referring to and are able to look at your relationship problems, OR, one of you is living a lie in order to please the other. I don’t know your relationship, but you do, and you know what I mean, if it’s not you, then it’s them.

We do not solve your problems, but we transform your relationship into a joyous relationship. Solving problems brings temporary relief, but transforming the relationship is timeless.

One great man once said ‘ for one to be truly at peace, one has to become loved’ and this is how one of the biggest life challenges can be won. Therefore, go into a relationship as love, because if you go in with regret, hate, doubt, or fear, you will taint the connection and make the relationship difficult to thrive.
In relationships, never try too hard, because when you are real it’s effortless. Your partner does not need fixing, leave your opinions of what they should be like, what job they should do, or how they should behave, it is your opinions that create problems, look and listen.
To transform your relationship, share your life with them instead of extracting life out of them. Think of what would happen when your partner decides to close the joy tap, and you have become so dependent on them for the relationship. You have it within you to become love and be love to others.

How We Do It.

  • We help you to view your partner differently and learn to appreciate their presence in your life.
  • Accept and love your partner for who they are, not what you want them to be.
  • We have tools for all types of relationships, young and older couples, married and unmarried, same gender, opposite gender, same race, and different race.
  • We help you see your partner differently for mutual benefit.

What You Will Get From Us.

  • Appreciating your partner for whom they are without any need for them to change.
  • Understand that relationships and marriages were never meant for happiness but rather for growth.
  • Understand happiness comes from within not from your partner.
  • Communicate and understand each other’s differences.

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