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Unlocking Perspectives:
Eye-Opening YouTube Videos.

Welcome to I Get It Now, your gateway to a world of captivating knowledge and thought-provoking content! Immerse yourself in the realm of visionary insights as we proudly present our handpicked collection of eye-opening YouTube videos. Whether you’re a lifelong learner, an inquisitive mind, or simply seeking an escape from the ordinary, our collection of eye-opening YouTube videos has something special in store for everyone.

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The Impact Of Divorce & Family Structure.

Divorce? Does it go hand in hand with animosity? Does it stir acrimony? Is baby mama and baby dad drama triggered by the love one still has for their former partner? How does all this impact blended families?

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Morning Rituals: Setting The Tone For Your Day.

What is alignment and why? Meditation or Morning rampage? What is Gratitude Journaling List how it benefits you that someone at work/school treats you badly Random things that work with alignment

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Hope For The Youth.

Are you a young person, confused about what to do for your future? Do you feel pressure about ‘ Do it, how come other young people are doing it’ syndrome? Are you one of those who feel overwhelmed and have given up because you see no point in trying?

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Youth Agenda.

Catch I Get It Now Executive director Matseleng Mogodi with some of the executive coaches discussing some of the things the youth battles with, the causes, and the solutions

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Understading The Family Dynamics.

 How to understand family dynamics? Making sense of sibling rivalry Are there really bad family members? Careless, careful or caring relationships? Your choice.

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What are your expectations as a woman? Do you discuss your bedroom expectations or it’s something every man should know? To what extent does it have power over your relationship? Join us this Thursday as we hear what some of the women we have invited have to say.

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Women & Love.

What are your expectations as a woman? What’s working for you in love and what’s not working? Does physical love heal the emotional?

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Because Men Love Women So Much.

How many men would like to get through to women, and understand what to do to keep the peace at home? In the same breath, what makes men behave the way they do in relationships? Is there hope for love relationships? Or is it part of a life game? Join us as we listen to men gifting women that are willing to listen and understand their persons better!

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