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Your Unwavering Companion for Business Success Beyond Measure.

Unveiling a Journey of Unwavering Support: Because We’re Like Your Personal GPS, Just Without the Annoying ‘Recalculating’ Voice!

Imagine having a presence that’s more persistent than your daily news notifications – we’re talking commitment that clings to you through every twist, turn, and coffee spill on your quest for success. We’re not just your cheerleaders; we’re the whole marching band, complete with confetti cannons of pride and synchronized dance moves of joy.

Ready to Redefine the Game & Break The Mold?

Embracing the unconventional is like doing the cha-cha with uncertainty – a daring dance where every step is a surprise and the music keeps changing. Yes, it might feel like you’re taking a leap into a pit of “I-have-no-idea-what’s-gonna-happen,” but trust me, that’s where the real show begins.


Shift Your Perspective: Embrace the Mosaic of Change.

Elevate Your Life Perspective: Unveil the Dynamic Dance of Change (and Maybe Find Your Missing Sock Too).

Alright, let’s talk about change. No, not the spare change you find in your couch cushions – we’re talking about the ever-present phenomenon that loves to surprise us around every corner, just like that missing sock you swear you had two of.

Master the Art of Crafting Your Own Path Amidst Life's Rules!

Ditching the Rulebook: Unleash Your Inner Maverick with a Side of Sass!

Alright, you rule-breaking trailblazer, listen up! We get it – life’s got more rules than a board game. But guess what? You’re not just tearing through red tape; you’re sculpting a masterpiece of rebellious brilliance!

Feeling stuck? Let's get unstuck together and thrive.

Unlocking Your Awesome: Because Stuck is Just a Four-Letter Word!

Hey there, you fabulous human caught in the sticky web of ‘stuck’ – guess what? Beneath that layer of ‘meh’ lies a goldmine of untapped awesomeness. Feeling stuck is like a secret handshake from the universe, inviting you to a thrilling scavenger hunt for your own potential. And let’s face it, potential is the coolest treasure out there – it’s like a chest full of possibilities that’s been waiting for you to crack it open.

You're Never Alone: Past, Present, and Future Together!

Embrace the Crowd: Your Epic Saga of Not-So-Lonely Adventures!

Let’s get real for a sec. You know those moments when solitude’s got its jazz hands on and is performing a grand solo? Yeah, it’s like a one-man show that just won’t quit. But wait, here’s the plot twist – you’re not alone in this theater of life. Not by a long shot



I Get It Now brings to you the skills to assist executives to stay on the company’s mission and ensure that everyone is accountable and understands their value in the company.


How many times have you experienced a team being stuck in one place and business deteriorating because of the challenges to change?


I Get It Now, with the experience gained in property days, and working with teams and volatile communities is very much qualified to handle social conflicts and resolve conflict in communities, and in other housing developments and Townhouse complexes.


Since our work is mainly about speaking to people, we take every opportunity to put ourselves in front of audiences, whether through being a Programme director for a small event or a big event like a huge Conference, we participate.


This section deals with managing perceptions we have about our partners, and if you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, we encourage you to view your partner differently and learn to appreciate their presence in your life.

How We Deliver Our Services


These are usually 2 hr sessions, prearranged. The first one is definitely face-to-face, and depending on the nature of the one-on-one, after the 2nd or 3rd session, an online consultation can be taken.


Organisations may require a Talk during their own event or a specific presentation on a specific topic. Our team offers a specific fee for such events as these are for a 2 hr Talk or Presentation.


This process takes place through Meeting with Team managers, sometimes also individual team members to gather information necessary to create a workshop.


The I Get It Now team, evolves, and therefore the core team is our administration team, who ensure that everyone who gets into contact with us gets assistance they require and more.

Matseleng loves getting to know each individual and groups that approach I Get It Now, especially the meetings in person, which can later be continued online. She loves engaging clients as this also gets her alert and present, and her learning continues to grow. 

The executive team are all collaborative partners, who have worked with I Get It Now on several projects and become available when the tasks require more exclusive and more senior people to work hand in hand with Matseleng

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